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“…it’s still not over”

Posted by ben on 03 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: music, poetry, video/film

The opening scenes of Bela Tarr’s brilliant Werckmeister Harmonies (music by Víg Mihály):

Image vs. Image or, All the Young Girls

Posted by ben on 02 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: vs.

Portrait d'une Jeune Fille Americaine dans l'etat de Nudite by Francis Picabia

Portrait d’une jeune fille américaine dans l’état de nudité (Portrait of a Young American Girl in the State of Nudity) by Francis Picabia (Published in the magazine 291 in 1915)

Spiritual America by Richard Prince

Spiritual America by Richard Prince (1983)

Humbling Moments

Posted by ben on 01 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: in yo face, politics

Andrew Sullivan humbles bloggers everywhere by announcing that after deciding to go “balls to the wall” during the primary season, he posted over 1,600 items in one month. His Daily Dish has been a big inspiration to me by providing a steady stream of interesting political, social, and cultural commentary that defies the standard ideological structures. Congratulations to him on completing his first year under the Atlantic masthead.

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