Let me start off this post by saying I’m grateful for all the things Artpace does for San Antonio, from the potlucks to the rooftop parties, but someone has to call them out on this one. When I heard that Jesse Amado was showing at Fine Silver, I thought “That’s strange; isn’t he showing at the Hudson Showroom? Isn’t it a bit of a faux pas for San Antonio’s two most reputable galleries to show the same artist at the same time?” So I decided to do a little fact-checking, only to find that the repo men have come to collect Artpace’s web site:

The Mysterious Disappearance of the Artpace Website
The Google cache of the site turned up the information I was after: yes, Jesse Amado is opening a show at Artpace on February 8 and Fine Silver on February 9. And I’m sure there’s a reasonable explanation for that. But the real mystery of the weekend emerges: Who killed the Artpace website?