Nitro by Beto Gonzalez
Let’s get you caught up on all this Electronic Election Voter Fraud business.  If you’re having voting problems, here’s something to alleviate your constitution.{Highly recommend watching that with the sound OFF}

The above image is evidence of our friend Mantecatron’s adventure across Mexico, documenting subversive art that looks vaguely familiar to a gigantic woven receipt at the Museo Alameda’s Escultura Social exhibition. If you’re into the Mad Men series, you might appreciate this opinion piece. And does any mortgage-foreclosing, American citizen really have time to sift through the 1,000 art pieces to see before you die? Seems Brobdingnagian at best.

In other news, I’d like to take a reader’s poll regarding upcoming interviews. What would you rather read about? Interviews with curators/artists/collectors/musicians/or others? Just post a comment. I’ll leave you with some more images from Beto…

tienda potosi