The second monthly artist rodeo put on by Ken Little went down without a hitch this past Tuesday.  Performers included ; Hills Snyder, Ken Little, Cruz Ortiz, The Maybe Laters, Jimmy Kuehnle, Lloyd Walsh, Potter-Belmar Labs, and some other rightfully deserving folks whose names i cant quite always remember.  It was quite a ruckus.  hover over photos for more info.  

Hills Snyder plays a mean geetar

Mike Casey looks on in obvious glee, later that night we were able to engage him in an intense match of chickenfoot dominoes.

Hills foot, gets a lot of action.

Hills Snyder

Jimmy Kuehnle Beating Himself

Jimmy Kuehnle squirting himself with Ketchup on stage, look at the drop under his arm..

so damn evil. it hurts. Jimmy Kuehnle. evil.

Jimmy Kuehnle - evil. dirty. man.

Ken Little and his drum set.

zownds ben judson whats that card youve got?

oh, its ken little rockin out..

oh, its still ken little rockin it out.

Lloyd Walsh , whiskey river, take my mind..

lali lali lali get your adverbs on! these two were swell, i think her name was Jessica, anybody want to correct me?

clap clap clap

Cruz Ortiz and Ken Little talkin quick and shiftin around.

Cruz Ortiz busting it as Spaztek

all images copyright Justin Parr 2006.