UPDATE: The following event is postponed until Friday, April 6 (aka First Friday), due to the weather.

The groundbreaking and reception for Gary Sweeney’s new outdoor piece at Unit B is happening tomorrow from 6 to 8 pm. But if you haven’t checked out the Walworth-curated Paperworks (the title of which is mercilessly reminding me that I need to do my taxes), it would be worth stopping by just for that. Among my friends it’s no secret that I’m a big fan Michael Velliquette. Paperworks features his beautifully intricate spiritual landscapes built of cut paper, along with strong work by Rhonda Kuhlman, San Antonio’s queen of recycled art, an interactive video piece projected on a three dimensional cut paper sculpture by Joseph Gray, and a tree branch adorned with lovely little graphite drawings on paper tags by Sachi Komai.

Sachi Komai and Rhonda Kuhlman

Michael Velliquette

Truth Blooms Electric by Michael Velliquette