Sat, Apr 11
7:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Clare Little at FL!GHT “Westward Expansion ”

opening: April 11, 2009

closing: May 4, 2009

Clare Little, a semi-recent transplant from Las Vegas, is showing her work for the first time in San Antonio @ the FL!GHT Gallery. You might know her through her father, Ken Little, someone who has been active in the San Antonio art community for many years.

Heres a brief statement about her work to debut at FL!GHT.

My current work is based on the conflict between notions of “Manifest Destiny”, westward expansion, it’s impact on ecological well being and our own psychology. Most of the images are appropriated from advertising which was inspired by romantic military propaganda. Complemented by nostalgic landscapes and woodland creatures. I combine them in ways that subvert their original meaning and hopefully question our relationship to the landscape and by extension our global political and sociological environment.

Steve Smith at One9Zero6

My art is a reflection of people and places that catch my eye…the interesting composition of a scene, the play of light and shadows, intriguing figures, or the emotion evoked. Most often, the basis for my paintings is a photograph as photography allows me to record what captures my attention. When I take a photograph, I am thinking of the painting it may become.

Learn more about Steve and his work at

Come out tomorrow to LoneStar Studios

107 Lone Star Blvd.

You should definitely check out the black light poster room.

Come see Kim Bishop and Alex Rubio’s students hard work pay off.

The Blend? plays at 8