The Team of Ray-gun, Eddie Rabbit, and Jay-Possum completed their first foray into the contemporary art world this morning with a completed 4×8 foot woodblock cutout print run over by a steamroller (albeit a small one) .  Take a look :


setting up for a print..the tension builds

and disipates

and dissipates.  The first print of the Ray-rabbit-jay team.  *Note the fine Keep San Antonio Lame T-shirt.


just turn it sideways (white part down) in your mind, it’ll all make sense..

rabbit hero

local rabbit hero (and EMVG co-host) Bunnyphonic, playing accordion on Gary Sweeneys Steamrolled woodcut.

the rest of the pie.

Gary Sweeney.

Alex Rubio had us humbled right tastefully.



local hero

art hero bunnyphonic.