Taking the simpleton characters in repose that we find currently on display at the Bluestar, an artist from Amsterdam named Harm Van Den Dorpel {you heard me} offers an improvement upon a basic premise (make sure you roll over the person to activate the art). Check out the deconstruction of a horse and watch the limp limbs of a sleeping man take on a life of their own.
In other news, Work has a nice, serialized collection of skull art currently on display.

If you skipped the art walk yesterday beneath a light rainfall, well, you didn’t miss much. Robot Art Gallery had a half assed show that wasn’t even installed yet at 645pm opening night. Oops. Add the conspicuous absence of appetizers and drinks and it seemed like a disaster. El Sol Studios outshines all other tiny art spaces down Alamo Street with an interesting, colloidal, monochromatic foam installation. Make sure to catch this show, which is an anomaly from their conventional painting exhibitions.