Jodi.orgSince not too many people seem to be familiar with the genre, I thought I’d link y’all up to one of the classics, Jodi is a two-person artist collective that plays with perceptions of personal computers, often by either mimicking glitches or exploiting pre-existing bugs. Their web sites and programs are sometimes impossible to control, making a force-quit necessary (I lost an earlier version of this post when I had to shut down Firefox due to one of their web-shenanigans – turn of pop-up blocking if you want to check it out). They tend to use an aesthetic derived from the early days of personal computing, with lots of text-based layouts, and green-on-black or white-on-black color schemes. In recent years, they have done a lot with video games, either modifying popular games or posting glitchy screen grabs from actual game play. They also created a number of pieces using Google’s Blogger service. That should get you started, but if you want more Jodi, check their Wikipedia page for links to other pieces.

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