I know we’ve all been REALLY WORRIED (about bird flu) psssstt..they just found a probable cure in Cod enzymes from Iceland.. Just thought you might find that interesting, seaing that is been quite icy in San Antonio as of late. Myself, I’ve been holed up in my little warm home, fighting off the chills and talking shop to my marnball. This morning, though I was so excited to see the light of day (err.. gray) that I dove into my camera and shot some photos of silly winter stuff, like icicles, and lamposts and hockey pucks.. (uh wait, no hockey pucks.. ) but lots of icicles. OH , yeah I also dove through the last issue of the SA Current, and lo and behold there was a small blurb style writeup on Emvergeoning. Yeah, go us! We’re famosos. soo.. if your interested.. heres some photos of San Antonio under ice..

The Photo below is proof of the cheesy icicle photos I speak of..just click on the link below..you know its killing you..

my my my my my.

(hover over the images for more info)

Outside the house

a centered branch.

the house across the street. San Antonio, Texas

tree down the road a bit, icicle sees all.

eat the ice that comes off and it tastes like snapfrost vodka.

find some frozen rosemary (not pictured) and make a pizza

its like eating 2000 cute popsicles.

i hate myself.

proof of cheesy icicles.

At the Bottom of my steps in King William, San Antonio Texas

Rope Swing, Ice Storm ? 2007? San Antonio Texas?

 clean white witch.

oh joy, is the tidings of the ne wyear to a frosty cup of chocolate larceny.