Rachel Cook & Leona Scull Hons have been busy little honeybees this year, and the ripe crop of artists currently on exhibit in the massive Wichita Falls Museum of Art doesn’t disappoint. The humble museum in Wichita Falls, just an hour north of Ft. Worth, houses at least 5 gallery spaces and an amazing planetarium. In many ways, this group show featured a better overview of Texas-based artists than the Biennial. In addition, it gave them ample space to branch out into site specific installations. A good example is Justin Goldwater from Austin. Though known for his drawings, he adroitly rendered his playful and anonymous characters in the 3rd dimension. Here’s an installation shot from “Every party I ever missed.” The cups were all nice little plaster surprises.

I had the honor of being placed alongside the soft-underbellied work of Miss Helen Altman as well as the fuzzy, wild things of Daniel Fabian…this little kindling fire also had a nice white paper circle confetti mechanism installed into the ceiling tiles.

This is an installation view from “Harrows, Sparrow, Sorrows,” based on an Emily Dickinson poem about death, carriages and horse heads.

Here’s a picture of Mimi Kato inside a giant, ape-hand costume sewn by the elusive Celia Eberle. She was really hittin’ the sauce that night.That’s Mr. Goldwater and his Chinese Star in the background watching Mimi’s minimal video installation.

One last picture, here’s a lesser known, autodidactic artist named Jorge Lopez.