..i couldn’t resist.

When John asked me to take some photos for the last show at unit B gallery,I had a blast, but I went a little overboard. Heres a documentation of nearly everybody who attended the show..up close.

Kimberly Aubuchon

Michele Monseau

ethel shipton

John Mata

a forward thinker

erick michaud

bill lambert

sarah maybe baby laby

looks like chris sauter

ed saavedra

sarah isenhauer (i dont know)

the world is my oystermerkaud

planet of the tapes forever!

Mark the man van damm.

Ken superman Little.

more of Mark

Dennis Kaufman, the man the myth the legend..

that ethel shipton sure is sneaky.

Karen Mahaffffffy

looks like a ben judson, maybe

Sandra in a dreamstate.

me. Justin Parr.

forward thinkers.

closed, open, closed.

i saw him on the street today.

shelby mcshelbyson

all images copyright Justin Parr 2006.