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Video vs. Video or, Silent Stargazing

Posted by aaron on 17 Jun 2009 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, celebrity sightings, music, party photos, photography, rock!, video/film

No audio. Play simultaneously for best effect.

Galactic Center of Milky Way Rises over Texas Star Party from William Castleman.

Brooklyn’s Stars Like Fleas (featuring SA-town homeboy Ryan Sawyer on drums and lead beard) play a PopRally event at MOMA on June 8, 2009 – shot and edited by Austin Rhodes.

[hattips to albert flores & cosmo inserra for the first and ryan sawyer for the second.]

Tales from Luminaria Weekend

Posted by justin on 16 Mar 2009 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, arts organizations, in yo face, party photos, performance art, possibilities, public art, rock!, silliness

Well, after a good deal of rain, some unexpected cold, and a little bit of worry, Luminaria 2009 turned out to be a really nice night in San Antonio.  Aside from my experience with the overbearing police force (who wanted to tackle me for riding my bike down an empty LONG stretch of closed off road) I found this Luminaria to be much better organized and more satisfying to take part in.  I carried my camera and photographed the projects I was able to come into personal contact with.  Heres a selection of those photos, with my garbled commentary.

Vaago Weiland & Laura Varela on the Alamo, Luminaria 2009

Laura Varela & Vaago Weiland collaborated on the Alamo this year.  Vaago (from Mönchengladbach, Germany) said, in doing research on the Alamo, he kept coming across these photos with tents in the surrounding area.  He was determined to surround the old Mission with 200 tents, however, upon closer inspection of the site was only able to squeeze in 54.  Lauras video projection played alongside Vaagos sculpture, within the top of the Alamo.

Hyperbubble at Luminaria 2009

Hyperbubble was the only real music I stood still and watched an entire set from.  Not for lack of interesting options, but more in awe of the reaction of the crowd to their music.  I heard more than several proclamations of “WHAT IS THIS?” and “THIS is the best band EVER!!” loudly from behind.  I couldn’t have been happier.

Justin Parr Projection at Luminaria 2009

My own piece (shamelessplug) was projected onto this old building(I was told it might have been called the Turner Magika Theatre?) facing out into the Hemisphere park, I showed the current version of my “Portrait of the Artist as a City,” a project I took up as a result of receiving a grant from the Artist Foundation.  The video is made up of a constantly shifting set of over 9000 still photos, and encompasses more little parts of my life than I can begin to explain before losing your attention.

Ansen Seale 100 ft Photograph River

This year, the real showstopper for me was Ansen Seales 100 ft photograph of the San Antonio River.  Contained inside the San Antonio Convention Center, It set the tone for the more conventional “walled,” section of the show.  After talking to Ansen for a few minutes I was able to extract from him that this image was composed of 86,400 individual “slitscans,” made by his own homebuilt digital camera, and weighed in at a whopping 1.2 gigs for the file itself…and I thought trying to get my computer to juggle 9000 still photos at one time was tricky.

Rebecca Dietz seen performing in the Luminaria GOBO

This fantastic ghost image of a dancer is local artist/instructor Rebecca Dietz.  She was one of the roving performance artists, and a recent FL!GHT Gallery featured artist.  I nearly missed her moving by me, and was glad I noticed who it was at the last minute.

John Mata room at Luminaria 2009

John Mata, part of Leslie Raymonds New Media program at UTSA, built a cardboard room and filled it with books and media discussing…New Media.

Judith Cottrell & Gary Smith Luminaria 2009

Judith Cottrell & Gary Smith built this human like glowing form, and scared children for the duration of the night.  I enjoyed watching.

Holly & Bryson Brooks Married with Paintings Luminaria 2009

Holly & Bryson Brooks decided it was best to be “Married with Paintings.” So they walked in at 6 on the dot, started working inside their makeshift studio(replete with audience the entire time), and by the time I rolled around with my camera, they were already at this point within each of their portraits of the other.

Ethel Shipton inside the Dillards Windows Luminaria 2009

Back out on Alamo Street, Ethel Shipton had filled these two store front windows with her characteristic puffed objects, this time being birdhouses.

Kelly O'Connor Luminaria 2009

Kelly O’Connor was just a few windows down.  My camera was having trouble not blowing out the detail in this one.

Victor & Susan Pagona

I stumbled upon this projection by Victor Pagona & his wife Sarah Susan, an artist I’ve heard of for years, but never met in San Antonio.

Leigh Anne Lester window Luminaria 2009

Sadly, I could only get this much of the smaller Leigh Anne Lester window displays without the detail of the sculptures being blown out by the harsh jewelry store lighting.  These window displays will be available for all to see for the next month along Alamo Street.

Michele Monseau across from the Alamo Luminaria 2009

I stumbled over this Michele Monseau projection right across the street from the Alamo, hidden on a side wall.

Just some general Luminaria 2009 Madness

These patterns & lights can give you a general idea of what everything else looked like, that was not affected in some way by an individual artist or group of artists.

Thomas Cummins lightboxes

These two large scale Thomas Cummins Lightboxes, while difficult to do justice with a photograph, were mindblowingly detailed in person.

General Luminaria Madness

Another fine example of the general lighting scheme found that night.  Its almost like that time I had to shoot photos at a certain laser light show..

Jenny Browne Gives away BOOKS

Jenny Browne gave away 4 shopping cartloads and a truck bed full of books, for FREE, as her piece.  It was awesome to see people swarming the truck and carts, trying to get at free books, while Jenny sat on the roof watching & laughing.

Tom Otterness makes an appearance in San Antonio

..and finally to end the weekend, Tom Otterness made an appearance with his newly unveiled(in our locale at least) public art piece, “Makin Hay’,” mentioned a few weeks back here at Emvergeoning.  Some things I’m sorry to say I don’t have good photos of, the first being the EXCELLENT Contemporary Art Month installation by Randy Wallace in the basement of the old Beauty College building on Travis Street.  I shot many photos of it, but none of them quite did it justice.  I was also sad to miss crazy Mel Feldman and his cultural arts Kaleidoscope.  Somehow 1000 artists all in one place on one night is just a LITTLE hard to keep track of.

How to Say Goodbye

Posted by ben on 13 Jan 2009 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, music, party photos, public art, r.i.p.

A few photos of Manny Castillo’s casket being painted by his friends and colleagues in the local art community:

Manny Castillo Coffin

Manny Castillo Coffin

Manny Castillo Coffin

Manny Castillo Coffin

Manny Castillo Coffin

See also: San Antonio Express-News blog post with a number of murals facilitated by Castillo’s San Anto Cultural Arts; the Express-News obit; the San Antonio Current’s just before his death.

life with laser glasses

Posted by justin on 10 Jan 2009 | Tagged as: adventure day, ice, party photos, silliness

3d Life in San Antonio

pounding geriatric light show vs. noise-sensitive Cuttlefish (Richie Budd, Taryn Simon @ Artpace)

Posted by justin on 11 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, party photos, performance art, possibilities, responses/reviews, vs.

Heres a short visual account of the opening affair at Artpace last Thursday night.  Richie Budd’s pounding geriatric light show mixed with Taryn Simon’s noise-sensitive Cuttlefish made for an interesting experience..

(Lu Chunsheng’s work, also opened that night, is not pictured).

Richie Budd sculpture at Artpace San Antonio 

Taryn Simon installation at Artpace San Antonio 

(follow the link for more photos and video of Richie Budd sculpture in action)

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A Cake for Dia de los Muertos

Posted by ben on 03 Nov 2008 | Tagged as: party photos, photography, r.i.p.

From Franco Mondini-Ruiz’s lavish Dia de los Muertos party at his westside wonderland estate, a cake for Mr Danny Geisler:

Cake for Mr Danny Geisler (by Franco Mondini-Ruiz)
[Cross-posted at Scattered Work]

Sneak Peek – Gary Sweeney new permanent installation at S.A. International Airport OPEN NOW!

Posted by justin on 30 Oct 2008 | Tagged as: acquisitions, adventure day, art paparazzi, celebrity sightings, party photos, sneak peeks

Go check out the road to the parking lots at the ol’ San Antonio International Airport.  San Antonio local, Gary Sweeney has interjected some good humor into a portion of the drive. I managed to catch him there, hard hat and all..
Gary Sweeney Art at the Airport in San Antonio Texas TX

Gary Sweeney Art at the Airport in San Antonio Texas TX

the last and greatest gary sweeney you missed it hemisfair 68 san antonio tx airport

These are just a few of the signs he placed in the drive space, keep an eye out the next time you go for a spin around the SA Airport to catch the rest.

Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby: Flaunt it!

Posted by ben on 27 Jul 2008 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, design, party photos, performance art, public art, silliness, video/film

Emvergeoning’s exclusive footage from the 2008 Pushcart Derby:

I got a call from the neighbor that there was a loud noise upstairs.

Posted by justin on 16 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: adventure day, bird flu, in yo face, mustaches, party photos, possibilities, renegade performances

Need to buy a house?

Ms. Southtown: The Last?

Posted by ben on 06 Apr 2008 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, celebrity sightings, in yo face, mustaches, party photos, performance art, renegade performances, rock!, silliness

Everything got screwed up. Emvergeoning’s calendar editor forgot to post Ms. Southtown, San Antonio’s artsiest drag beauty pageant, to our events listing; last night, when Ms. Southtown was happening, our trusty photographer was out working for The Man; and our amateur backup paparazzo filled up the camera memory right before the trophy was handed to the winner. I guess that’s why we don’t get the big bucks, and why I’m typing this from a cardboard box in an alleyway off Houston St. But here it is: Ms. Southtown in photos.

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

Ms. Southtown 2008: San Antonio, Texas

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Luminaria Photos

Posted by ben on 17 Mar 2008 | Tagged as: adventure day, celebrity sightings, party photos

Luminaria street scene

The crowds in Alamo Plaza (photo by Justin Parr)

Luminaria street scene

Houston Street (photo by Justin Parr)

Chuck Ramirez in front of Bill FitzGibbons Alamo lights

Chuck Ramirez in front of Bill FitzGibbons‘ Alamo installation holding a Parr mylar sculpture (photo by Justin Parr)
The Mixing Chamber by Stuart Allen and Potter-Belmar Labs

The Mixing Chamber (Stuart Allen / Potter-Belmar Labs) at SAMA (photo by David S. Rubin)

Toby Kamps (not pictured) visits San Antonio

Posted by justin on 24 Feb 2008 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, mustaches, party photos, performance art, possibilities, rumors, silliness, sneak peeks, vs.

Ray Gun & One Man Artist Foundation F.Mondini Ruiz offer a saucy welcome.

(The community gives him a saucy welcome.)

Wheres Waldo? – a little San Antonio Halloween diversion.

Posted by justin on 29 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art + bikes, art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, renegade performances, silliness

I took part in San Antonios semi-regular Bike Gang Summit the other night for Halloween. During the process of riding through spooky parts of the city, we stopped at a cemetary on the East Side. It quickly degenerated into a game of Wheres Waldo..take a look (Waldo makes an appearance in each of these images).

To see images from the entire night go here.
Wheres Waldo Part One? Halloween Bike Gang Summit - San Antonio TX

Wheres Waldo - Halloween Bike Gang Summit - San Antonio TX

Wheres Waldo? - Halloween Bike Gang Summit - San Antonio TX

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SMART weekend recap

Posted by justin on 15 Oct 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, arts organizations, in yo face, party photos, performance art

Marcus Rubio plays a SAW

Snow Cones!

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Zombies & Condos

Posted by michelle on 30 Aug 2007 | Tagged as: party photos, performance art


Why does this picture remind me of walking around Lora Reynolds Gallery in the construction-condo zone of downtown Austin? A recent lecture by Conrad Bakker proved once again that despite its location, Lora Reynolds always exhibits unusual and intriguing artists.
In other news, behold the best zombie portraiture ever taken by one prolific Jillian McDonald. She makes me love America, oh wait, she’s Canadian. Seems like an apropos photo for the Katrina anniversary. Which reminds me, check out the latest New Yorker cover with a brilliant new work by silhouette connoisseur Kara Walker.

Diggly Wiggly 2007 photo recap (Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby, San Antonio TX)

Posted by justin on 30 Jul 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art + bikes, art paparazzi, arts organizations, design, in yo face, mustaches, opportunities, party photos, performance art, possibilities, responses/reviews, rock!, silliness

Everybody has their own story about who won this year, Please post yours in the comments below.

All of these photos (and bunches more with labels) are located here.

click on the link below for more action!

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Buttercult at the Guess Factory..

Posted by justin on 18 May 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, responses/reviews, rock!

Our Favorite San Antonio Art-rock icons Buttercup recently celebrated the release of an ep called “Captains of Industry.”

The show was a rousing bit of fun, following up with an amazing backmassage from a man wearing a t-shirt that said “300 lbs of poetry.”  (Thank you Richard!)

Check out a mass of arty-rocky photos on this here fancy flickr doo-dad .

Heres a sneak preview :

Erik Sanden singin it!

wave wave

hope its not to many

joe joe

yea, joe. is . good.

Museo Alameda Grand Opening Gala (Smithsonian in SA, Party Pics)

Posted by justin on 16 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, silliness

The Museo Alameda Smithsonian Affiliated museum of Latin American Art opened its doors to the (ritzy) public this past Thursday, with a $250 dollar a head gala.  Heres a few highlights from the opening.  go Here for the entire story.

Amy Cavazos from Neiman Marcus

dancing the night away with ed saavedra and ben judson

Karlos with a K
(the king of party, Karlos with a K)
Andy Benavides & Roger Gorlewski
MAS pink runway

David Zamoras Casas
(this is what happens when you over-photograph david zamoras casas)
Our Own Ben Jammin Judson
(yes, thats our own Ben “Jammin” Judson right there)

It sure was fun.  Check out my Flickr page for more.

Flickr love

Posted by ben on 12 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, graffiti, party photos

Barcelona Street Art (shot by Justin Parr)

Just a quick note to point out two Flickr accounts with some photos of note: our own Justin Parr has been going on a Flickr binge, posting everything from Barcelona street art to Tacoland’s final moments.

Meanwhile fellow blogger Salvador Castillo has been documenting central Texas art events including the Texas Biennial and First Friday.

These accounts will be worth keeping an eye on…

Bike Gang Shrapnel

Posted by justin on 02 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art + bikes, art paparazzi, party photos, performance art, renegade performances, silliness, video/film

a group of onlookers for PBL's Bikes + Brocades video

yes, its real. San Anto!

yup, bike gang summit 07

A group of satisfied Bike Gangers looks on at the renegade video projection stumbled on in “Tacoland Park,” this last Saturday Night. The Bike gang stopped by the SWC Club, Tacoland Park, The Cherry street Bridge, Brackenridge Golf Course, Pine Street stretch, above Sunken Gardens, Ghost Train Field, and La Tuna to name a few. (some of these place names are local lore and quite unofficial) . A collection of photos outlining the entire evening in its entirety can be found here.

Onlookers shouting and waving at oncoming train in San Antonio

Shouting at an oncoming train on the Cherry Street Bridge

Langs gang

Ghost Train Field

Legend has it that when the moon is jussssst right you can still see the trains turning on imaginary tracks out here, emptying herds to slaughter at the union stockyards.

Holy Lebowski

the Lebowski Rollers + many more can be seen here.

If you were one of the many who took part, Thank you!

Franco french kissing a woman? photos-from-inside the Franco Mondini-Ruiz limo!

Posted by justin on 19 Feb 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, responses/reviews

Its a ghastly place. The floor is smudged with a thousand chocolate hearts, trampled on by high dollar pointed shoe-weapons. The glasses are all asunder, glowing behind them is a thousand LED lights, like tiny stars in the walls, a disco light on the ceiling and pink “fluff,” or “tool,” everywhere. The “tool,” has been heaved around like a massive giant stirred a martini with his finger, while the smattered chocolates just make you think of the fecal fetishes I jokingly hear about every so often in these funny art circles. Strange. It started out innocent enough. Clean, full bottles of tequila, stained pink, sat lined up in rows on the inside of the limo. Boxes and boxes of chocolates lie calmly awaiting consumption by the precious glittering hordes of fans, friends, followers, and skeptics. I worked on the inside. Not inside Lisa Ortiz’s Galeria Ortiz, where the Franco Mondini-Ruiz Love Stories was about to take place, but inside of the limo that Franco hired to party your pants off if you bought a painting from him. Included with this was the opportunity to go inside the limo and have your polaroid taken with Franco. Being the dedicated shooter, I think I saw everything. Here is what I can show you. The others might get me maimed, shot, murdered, or even “ruin my career,” in San Antonio. I joke, and you laugh, but dont even think these photos below are going to blow your mind. Here they are, by request from anonymous fans abroad (really? ..thats what ben tells me.) ; photos from the inside..

(I’ll tell you as much as I can about each image if you hover your mouse over them..)

Ok, well maybe not much about this one.

Franco Mondini being filmed by the paparazzi artists outside.

i need some love potion.

Oh my god, theres money in that womans chest (she has an upcoming show at Salon Mijangos, its gonna be good)

what kind of disco hell is this?

very friendly folks. quite friendly. nice folks.

turnin on the ol charmer

cheap headshots anyone? I know this guy, hes real good.

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unit b people

Posted by justin on 12 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos

..i couldn’t resist.

When John asked me to take some photos for the last show at unit B gallery,I had a blast, but I went a little overboard. Heres a documentation of nearly everybody who attended the show..up close.

Kimberly Aubuchon

Michele Monseau

ethel shipton

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Second SaturdaY in Tamalada Land

Posted by justin on 11 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: party photos

Second Saturday was outlandish fun. We went to Tamalada land at Marias Cafe on Nogalitos in San Antonio. This was our second year to go to this awesome event..and we all got full stomachs and lessons on the art of the tamale.

images go in this order : tamales, andy benavides, tamales, chris tracy, franco mondini-ruiz, ray gun, maria.


Andy Benavides

tamales in tamalada land at Marias Cafe on Nogalitos in San Antonio Texas

Chris Tracy looking ahead on his birthday

Franco Mondini-ruiz making tamales dec 2006 san antonio TX copyright Justin Parr

The Raygun eats it up, and spoons it out.

Maria with a basket of Tamales fresh out of the pot.

all images copyright Justin Parr 2006.