Its a ghastly place. The floor is smudged with a thousand chocolate hearts, trampled on by high dollar pointed shoe-weapons. The glasses are all asunder, glowing behind them is a thousand LED lights, like tiny stars in the walls, a disco light on the ceiling and pink “fluff,” or “tool,” everywhere. The “tool,” has been heaved around like a massive giant stirred a martini with his finger, while the smattered chocolates just make you think of the fecal fetishes I jokingly hear about every so often in these funny art circles. Strange. It started out innocent enough. Clean, full bottles of tequila, stained pink, sat lined up in rows on the inside of the limo. Boxes and boxes of chocolates lie calmly awaiting consumption by the precious glittering hordes of fans, friends, followers, and skeptics. I worked on the inside. Not inside Lisa Ortiz’s Galeria Ortiz, where the Franco Mondini-Ruiz Love Stories was about to take place, but inside of the limo that Franco hired to party your pants off if you bought a painting from him. Included with this was the opportunity to go inside the limo and have your polaroid taken with Franco. Being the dedicated shooter, I think I saw everything. Here is what I can show you. The others might get me maimed, shot, murdered, or even “ruin my career,” in San Antonio. I joke, and you laugh, but dont even think these photos below are going to blow your mind. Here they are, by request from anonymous fans abroad (really? ..thats what ben tells me.) ; photos from the inside..

(I’ll tell you as much as I can about each image if you hover your mouse over them..)

Ok, well maybe not much about this one.

Franco Mondini being filmed by the paparazzi artists outside.

i need some love potion.

Oh my god, theres money in that womans chest (she has an upcoming show at Salon Mijangos, its gonna be good)

what kind of disco hell is this?

very friendly folks. quite friendly. nice folks.

turnin on the ol charmer

cheap headshots anyone? I know this guy, hes real good.

don't even think about going for my heart!

theres a party in THIS limo. / Henry Munoz, Franco Mondini-Ruiz, and Lisa Ortiz / San Antonio TX 2007 Love Stories

maybe hes NOT frenchkissing her.. what a dirty journalist.

oh ha ha ha

oh geez thats scary.

a good laugh at her expense.. Montana walks dogs in front of my house every day.

look who popped in?

hand of life, tree of giftness, virtue de treadstone, hands clasping, love stories. frnaco mondini-ruiz / copyright 2007 justin parr cheesy hands clasping

oh shit, he is gonna kill you.

just kidding! that was just a bad photo made worse with photochopper.

a signed copy of Francos book, High Pink. ( a collection of tex-mex fairy tales )

the author of this post.


This last one taken outside the front of the work in the gallery.

end of the night for these two boys..

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