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Diggly Wiggly 2007 photo recap (Dignowity Hill Pushcart Derby, San Antonio TX)

Posted by justin on 30 Jul 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art + bikes, art paparazzi, arts organizations, design, in yo face, mustaches, opportunities, party photos, performance art, possibilities, responses/reviews, rock!, silliness

Everybody has their own story about who won this year, Please post yours in the comments below.

All of these photos (and bunches more with labels) are located here.

click on the link below for more action!

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Wishing Welles

Posted by michelle on 09 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: announcements, books, in yo face


If you’re in Southtown this week, make sure to stop by Sala Diaz and check out Stevan Zivadinovic’s series of portraits: “Orson Welles vs. The Burning Dumpster.” Here’s Orson excised from a scene in Moby Dick.

Steamroller Printing photo recap

Posted by justin on 02 Jun 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, in yo face

The Team of Ray-gun, Eddie Rabbit, and Jay-Possum completed their first foray into the contemporary art world this morning with a completed 4×8 foot woodblock cutout print run over by a steamroller (albeit a small one) .  Take a look :


setting up for a print..the tension builds

and disipates

and dissipates.  The first print of the Ray-rabbit-jay team.  *Note the fine Keep San Antonio Lame T-shirt.


just turn it sideways (white part down) in your mind, it’ll all make sense..

rabbit hero

local rabbit hero (and EMVG co-host) Bunnyphonic, playing accordion on Gary Sweeneys Steamrolled woodcut.

the rest of the pie.

Gary Sweeney.

Alex Rubio had us humbled right tastefully.



local hero

art hero bunnyphonic.


Posted by justin on 30 May 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, art paparazzi, bird flu, graffiti, in yo face, possibilities, renegade performances


I experienced this today on a weird wading walking type of thing..

Buttercult at the Guess Factory..

Posted by justin on 18 May 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, responses/reviews, rock!

Our Favorite San Antonio Art-rock icons Buttercup recently celebrated the release of an ep called “Captains of Industry.”

The show was a rousing bit of fun, following up with an amazing backmassage from a man wearing a t-shirt that said “300 lbs of poetry.”  (Thank you Richard!)

Check out a mass of arty-rocky photos on this here fancy flickr doo-dad .

Heres a sneak preview :

Erik Sanden singin it!

wave wave

hope its not to many

joe joe

yea, joe. is . good.

You say ^_^ I say :)

Posted by ben on 14 May 2007 | Tagged as: in yo face,

Here’s some interesting research on how emoticons are constructed and interpreted in different cultures. The key lies in whether we look primarily to the eyes or to the mouth when deciphering emotions.

Museo Alameda Grand Opening Gala (Smithsonian in SA, Party Pics)

Posted by justin on 16 Apr 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, silliness

The Museo Alameda Smithsonian Affiliated museum of Latin American Art opened its doors to the (ritzy) public this past Thursday, with a $250 dollar a head gala.  Heres a few highlights from the opening.  go Here for the entire story.

Amy Cavazos from Neiman Marcus

dancing the night away with ed saavedra and ben judson

Karlos with a K
(the king of party, Karlos with a K)
Andy Benavides & Roger Gorlewski
MAS pink runway

David Zamoras Casas
(this is what happens when you over-photograph david zamoras casas)
Our Own Ben Jammin Judson
(yes, thats our own Ben “Jammin” Judson right there)

It sure was fun.  Check out my Flickr page for more.

PBL to play secret location at Bike Gang Summit

Posted by justin on 21 Mar 2007 | Tagged as: adventure day, announcements, in yo face, performance art, silliness, sneak peeks, sound art, upcoming events, video/film

Potter-Belmar labs, among others will be part of the March 31st bike gang summit starting at 1906 south flores. The ride will wind through downtown and other parts of the city with stops in all manner of strange locale. I have just gotten word that at some juncture we will be finding a giant renegade video projection..
Come up with a good gang name and theme and dress it up! this is going to be really really really fun. (really!)

The Beto Gonzales designed flyer.


Franco french kissing a woman? photos-from-inside the Franco Mondini-Ruiz limo!

Posted by justin on 19 Feb 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos, responses/reviews

Its a ghastly place. The floor is smudged with a thousand chocolate hearts, trampled on by high dollar pointed shoe-weapons. The glasses are all asunder, glowing behind them is a thousand LED lights, like tiny stars in the walls, a disco light on the ceiling and pink “fluff,” or “tool,” everywhere. The “tool,” has been heaved around like a massive giant stirred a martini with his finger, while the smattered chocolates just make you think of the fecal fetishes I jokingly hear about every so often in these funny art circles. Strange. It started out innocent enough. Clean, full bottles of tequila, stained pink, sat lined up in rows on the inside of the limo. Boxes and boxes of chocolates lie calmly awaiting consumption by the precious glittering hordes of fans, friends, followers, and skeptics. I worked on the inside. Not inside Lisa Ortiz’s Galeria Ortiz, where the Franco Mondini-Ruiz Love Stories was about to take place, but inside of the limo that Franco hired to party your pants off if you bought a painting from him. Included with this was the opportunity to go inside the limo and have your polaroid taken with Franco. Being the dedicated shooter, I think I saw everything. Here is what I can show you. The others might get me maimed, shot, murdered, or even “ruin my career,” in San Antonio. I joke, and you laugh, but dont even think these photos below are going to blow your mind. Here they are, by request from anonymous fans abroad (really? ..thats what ben tells me.) ; photos from the inside..

(I’ll tell you as much as I can about each image if you hover your mouse over them..)

Ok, well maybe not much about this one.

Franco Mondini being filmed by the paparazzi artists outside.

i need some love potion.

Oh my god, theres money in that womans chest (she has an upcoming show at Salon Mijangos, its gonna be good)

what kind of disco hell is this?

very friendly folks. quite friendly. nice folks.

turnin on the ol charmer

cheap headshots anyone? I know this guy, hes real good.

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Zane Lewis Brings Iconoclasm to Bologna

Posted by michelle on 28 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, responses/reviews

Local artists are popping up on the international art radar. Zane Lewis bubbled to the European surface with a little bit of humor and ipecac. His recent, painterly rendition of a regurgitating Pope was part of the international, invitation-only Arte Fiera in Bologna, Italy. Looks incredibly delectable for holy bloviating and dribble. Somebody needs a bib…
Exhibit A:

closer to sickly

Exhibit B:

Zane Lewis - paint puddle
Exhibit C:

Zane Lewis - paint drips

holiday hijinx in Londons Camden Town Tube Station.

Posted by justin on 02 Jan 2007 | Tagged as: graffiti, in yo face

Found this by way of the BBC today:

As I emerged from my little transport capsule, I initially felt that something was off, but quickly came to see that something really was quite on. Paint was everywhere. On the ground, on the tiles, across adverts, covering tube maps and even electronic signs. A grin spread across my face as I realised that Camden Town tube station got massively graffiti bombed!

Say what you will, but I love a good graffiti bomb. Perhaps it’s my inner psychedelic soldier still fighting for the freedom of the mind or perhaps it’s my resistance to becoming too much of an adult, but I love seeing the normal world bathed in colour, reborn in Pantone.

Thats an excerpt from a blog written by a guy named Dave Knapik from Chicago who has recently moved to London. I was also recently in London and spent time in this, the busiest of the london tube stations overall. From the amount of CCTV cameras and security EVERYWHERE in that city, something of this scale being pulled off is quite a feat. Here’s Flickr account with over 50 photos of the incident.

The online debate over the validity of this kind of thing is raging in full swing, I thought it might be fun to rage along over here as well.

unit b people

Posted by justin on 12 Dec 2006 | Tagged as: art paparazzi, in yo face, party photos

..i couldn’t resist.

When John asked me to take some photos for the last show at unit B gallery,I had a blast, but I went a little overboard. Heres a documentation of nearly everybody who attended the show..up close.

Kimberly Aubuchon

Michele Monseau

ethel shipton

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